Dr. Adelina Duka, Dr. Arvi Duka, and the rest of our team here at Framingham Family Dental Care are always happy to answer any questions our patients have – after all, we want you to feel confident about visiting us for care. Below, you’ll find a handful of our FAQs and their answers for easy access. If you still don’t see the information you’re looking for, please call our Framingham, MA location so that we can discuss it directly. 

Yes! Our commitment to families is right there in our practice name, as well as in our wide variety of different services. We can start seeing your littlest loved ones from a very young age, offering gentle preventive care and helping them form a positive relationship with the dentist’s office early on in life.

Not with help from our state-of-the-art CEREC machine. The Drs. Duka uses this technology to complete every step of the restorative process in an accelerated timeframe while still maintaining a high level of quality. Our patients can walk in with a hurting tooth and walk out with a new, permanent crown that looks lifelike, feels comfortable, and will serve them well for several years to come.

Mercury is a poisonous substance, and while amalgam fillings only contain a very small amount of it, we strongly believe that no amount is safe for our patients. As you bite down on your teeth with these fillings, a continuous vapor is being released that can have potentially harmful effects on your overall wellbeing. That’s why we strongly recommend tooth-colored, BPA-free composite resin fillings as the best way to correct the damage done by cavities.

They are much safer than traditional film X-rays. When compared to the older system, digital radiography emits up to 90% less radiation exposure while still capturing the highly detailed images we need to diagnose dental problems.

Our team believes that lasers are the future of dental care, which is why we’re proud to be one of the few offices in the Framingham area to use them extensively! These high-tech tools come with several valuable benefits, including more precise treatment, instant sterilization, and accelerated healing.

Of course. We offer several options for rebuilding full, strong smiles, including dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. Although our doctors are most likely to recommend implants because of their unmatched health and aesthetic benefits, we will work with you closely in order to find the option that best fits your unique needs, goals, and budget.

We are in-network with several major PPO plans and will file claims on our patients’ behalf in order to help them maximize the benefits available to them. If you don’t currently have insurance, a convenient payment plan through CareCredit can help you manage your overall cost as well. For more information, please visit our new patients page or contact us here in Framingham, MA.