Covering Imperfections In Just One Visit

If chips, stains, and discoloration are keeping you from enjoying your smile, maybe it’s time to seek the help of Framingham Family Dental Care. Our staff can provide cosmetic tooth bonding in Framingham to help cover your imperfections and have you back to enjoying life and showing off your radiant, beautiful smile. This quick and easy process takes only one appointment is much less invasive than other cosmetic treatments. To find out if you are a candidate for this type of dentistry solution, contact us today.

What is Direct Bonding?

Direct bonding uses composite resin to effectively cover chips, cracks, stains, discoloration, and minor spaces between teeth. Unlike veneers that require the removal of tooth enamel and multiple appointments, direct bonding takes only one appointment and requires minimal altering of your natural teeth. It is also more affordable than its cosmetic counterparts.

Who is a Good Candidate for Direct Bonding?

If you are wondering whether you are a good candidate for direct bonding, the best way to tell is if you have any of the following problems:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Small gaps between your teeth
  • Small teeth you want to appear longer
  • Irregularly shaped teeth that need correction
  • Slight stains and discoloration

During an initial consultation with Dr. Adelina or Dr. Arvi, they will examine your smile to determine if you are eligible. It may be that depending on the complexity of your case, another cosmetic or restorative solution may be best to achieve desired results.

How Does the Process Work?

The process of receiving direct bonding is quite simple. Your dentist in Framingham will begin by matching the composite resin to your natural tooth color to ensure it blends in naturally. Once the correct color is achieved, they will place it directly onto the surface of the tooth and begin to sculpt and shape it accordingly. Ensuring that it lays flat, they will use a special UV light to harden the resin into place and give it a final polish before treatment is complete.

What Are the Benefits of Direct Bonding?

Oftentimes, people choose direct bonding because of its quick and easy process. But that’s only one of its great benefits. Some of the others include:

  • It is a versatile treatment option that hides a multitude of cosmetic flaws (i.e. chips, cracks, stains, discoloration, minor gaps, misshapen teeth)
  • It is more affordable than veneers or a dental crown
  • It can be completed in one appointment versus two with veneers or a crown
  • It is practically painless and requires little-to-no altering of your natural teeth
  • Will provide you with an enhanced aesthetic and improved oral health