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Find Out If You’re a Candidate For 6 Month Smiles in Framingham!

August 8, 2018

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Woman smiling with clear bracesIt used to be that there was only one way to straighten your teeth: wearing a mouth full of metal brackets and wires for 2 years! Then new methods came along that offered fantastic results without the hassle or inconvenience of braces. One of those methods is 6 Month Smiles in Framingham, which is perfect for patients who want to correct their smile as fast as possible – minus the embarrassment of walking around with “metal mouth.” In this blog, you’ll learn how 6 Month Smiles works and whether you might be a good candidate!

How Does 6 Month Smiles Work?

All types of orthodontic treatment work in the same fundamental way – by putting gentle pressure on the teeth to move them into their corrected position over time.

6 Month Smiles is no exception. But how does it work so quickly? It’s simple: It only moves the teeth that show when you smile.

In addition, it uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, so not only does it work much faster than traditional braces, it’s much less noticeable as well.

What Are the Advantages?

Aside from the obvious advantage of shorter treatment time, there are multiple other benefits to using this method to straighten your teeth:

  • Lower cost
  • No “metal mouth”
  • Fewer visits
  • Improved confidence while in treatment

Who Is a Good Candidate For 6 Month Smiles?

Each patient’s bite is different and everyone has unique needs and goals. That’s why the best way to determine if this option would work for you is to schedule a consultation with a dentist who offers fast braces in Framingham.

Having said that, the ideal candidate for this option is a patient who doesn’t have major problems with their bite such as an overbite, underbite or crossbite and has relatively minor cosmetic flaws such as:

  • Gaps
  • Minor crowding
  • An “off center” smile

Also, 6 Month Smiles is a fantastic option for patients who had braces in the past but didn’t wear their retainers. For these patients, much of the “heavy lifting” of correcting their bite was done by traditional braces and they’ve simply had minor shifting that needs to be corrected.

Having a smile that you feel great about every time you look in the mirror is priceless. And with this option, you don’t have to spend years in braces to have it!

About the Author

Dr. Adelina Duka has seen firsthand how correcting a crooked smile positively impacts a patient’s self-image. She loves seeing the confidence her patients have when they’re done with their 6 Month Smiles treatment. If you’d like to know if this orthodontic option is right for you or have any additional questions, she can be contacted via her website or at (508) 626-2402.

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