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Why do Your Teeth Hurt in the Winter? Your Dentist in Framingham Gives the Ins-and-Outs of Tooth Sensitivity

February 10, 2019

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couple smiling in coldDoes your tooth sensitivity ruin your ability to enjoy hot or cold foods like soup and ice cream? You may even feel some pain during the wintertime when that brisk air hits your mouth. When your enamel becomes worn down or your gums recede, it can directly expose the sensitive layer of your teeth to different conditions and temperatures. What caused your teeth to become sensitive in the first place? Luckily, your dentist in Framingham has the expertise and knowledge to help you enjoy the season again.

Why Do My Teeth Hurt in the Winter?

It seems too strange to wonder about, but yes, cold weather can cause your teeth to hurt. Your teeth are responding to the intense temperature difference by enlarging and shrinking. So, what kind of effect can this have on your teeth? Just like the foundation of a house shift when the soil shrinks and expands around it, your teeth are doing the same things. This could lead to cracks in your teeth, exposing a sensitive area beneath your enamel called dentin. These problems can be fixed by your dentist applying a sealant to help protect your dentin.

What Causes Seasonal Sensitivity?

It’s important to know the common causes of tooth sensitivity so you can tackle them. It can occur despite having good oral hygiene sometimes, but it’s important to remember that by not practicing good preventive routines, you’re putting your teeth at risk.

Some common reasons for increased tooth sensitivity are:

  • Gum disease commonly causes tooth decay, which can expose your dentin and result in sensitivity.
  • Brushing too rough can wear down your enamel. Although you may feel like you’re removing surface stains and getting a good cleaning, it can be more harmful than you may think.
  • Tooth whitening products can contain ingredients like peroxide that negatively affect your enamel and penetrate your dentin.
  • Drinking and eating sugary and acidic products without rinsing your mouth out with water after can slowly eat away at your enamel.
  • Grinding and clenching your teeth can wear down your enamel and cause cracks in your teeth, making them more sensitive.

How Can I Tackle My Tooth Sensitivity?

If your teeth begin responding to weather or extreme temperatures, be sure to visit your dentist to discuss different treatment options that could help:

  • Having your dentist apply a sealant or filling to help protect your dentin and aid your receding gums.
  • Having your dentist use a fluoride application that can prevent sensitivity and strengthens your enamel.
  • Having your dentist fit you for a nightguard to help protect your enamel from grinding and clenching.

Based on your symptoms and a checkup, your dentist can establish the best options to help prevent slight sensitivity from turning into serious dental emergency. Keeping up with your regular oral hygiene routine can help lessen the symptoms and pain associated with seasonal sensitivity as well. Thanks to you and your dentist’s efforts, you’ll be able to soak in the wonders of winter without having to worry about your teeth.

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